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Breed: Hound/ Gundog

Colour: Mottled Brown and White

Age: 2 years

Seriously can’t believe that this absolutely stunning girl has not been snapped up? Very sad we’ve had absolutely no Interest in her at all.

About me

Mariah is coming up to 2 years old, approx 75cm to top of head.

25 kg - she has been spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, blood tested and ready to pack her bags and leave asap for her forever home.

She enjoys belly rubs and doing zoomies and absolutely loves the attention of the volunteers.

She is quite strong on the lead when initially first out but then settles down on her walk.

What sort of home is he looking for?

We would prefer her to be the only dog in the family as she’s not really taking to other dogs, however she does happily walk along side other dogs down the lane, with no problem, cats are a no no.

Smaller children are best avoided in case of being knocked over by Mariah only due to her size. Could you be the one(s) to help him achieve this? If so, please message us on Facebook.

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Breed: Gundog/ Pointer

Colour: Black/ Dark Brown/ White

Age: 2.5 years

STAR is loving life, even though her life is living in a cage in the pound and it’s all she’s ever known and whilst she is reasonably happy with that, we most definitely want more for her.

About me

STAR, a beautiful 2.5 year old female pointer, approx 20kg and around 72cm tall.

This girl is not for the faint hearted, she is a handful and does need to be given more one on one training.

What she lacks in manners she more than makes up for in love and affection, all she wants is to be cuddled and loved and needs to have a very active home to keep up with her high energy levels.

What sort of home is he looking for?

She is fabulous with any dogs, male or female, no aggression whatsoever with other dogs, she will kennel share with any dog and loves the companionship.

Cats would be a no no for her.

She loves children although smaller ones should maybe be avoided as she does have a tendancey to jump which we are trying to discourage.

An experienced dog owner is needed, definitely not a first time adopter that will have the patience to work with Star, we know there is much more to her that what we’ve seen.

Could you be the one(s) to help her achieve this? If so, please message us on Facebook.

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Breed: German Shepherd

Colour: Black/ Dark Brown/ Tan

Age: 2.5 years

Introducing the very gorgeous Knight who is around 2.5 years old.

Knight arrived in the pound back in sept 22, sadly his front leg had a bad break which needed immediate surgery to insert a plate to aid the bone healing.

This has taken a few months but now we are pleased to report that the plate has been removed and the bone is fully healed.

About me

So knight is now ready to find his forever home, he’s been with us long enough and whilst we all love him dearly we would rather see him in a garden running around with his toys.

What sort of home is he looking for?

He is very strong lad with lots of energy and ideally needs a breed experienced person to train him to walk better on the lead.

However, he's very intelligent and willing to learn which is a plus, so we wouldn’t think it will take long.

He does like to carry his toy chicken with him on his walks which is adorable to see.

Cats are a no and would be better in a home without small children, only for the fear of knocking them over by accident in his excitement.

Happy being walked with most other dogs, especially the ladies .

Do you think you could be the one to offer Knight his forever after?

Please get in touch.

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Breed: Mixed, Possible touch of Dobermann

Colour: Dark Brown/ Tan

Age: 2 years

This stunningly happy boy has been waiting for his forever home offer to arrive, sadly it hasn’t yet.

Jackson is sharing a kennel with his best mate STAR and these two dogs are of a similar nature.

The adopter needs to have experience of larger breed dogs and have the time and patience to help Jackson transit from pound dog to family dog.

About me

Approx 19 KG, 72cm Tall

What sort of home is he looking for?

Jackson needs an active home to work off his high energy, he is a beautiful natured fun loving dog who is trying to cram all his excitement and energy of the day into a short, twice daily walk, which isn’t enough for most of the dogs.

He needs to work his brain as well and we believe he will be a great family dog once he has something to focus on and had the necessary training to help improve his lead manners.

Jackson loves everyone and everything and especially his food, cats are of no interest but could chase if one ran in front of him.

Could you be the one to offer him his chance of escape from the pound?

Please get in touch.

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Breed: Pointer Cross

Colour: Black

Age: Almost 2 years

Raven is a stunning girl with a glossy coat. This happy friendly girl is kennel sharing with another female no problem at all, also happily runs around with other dogs playing chase.

About me

Approx 70cm to top of the head.

What sort of home is she looking for?

When Raven comes straight out the kennel she does have a tendency to jump up in excitement and can mouth a little, definitely not in an aggressive way, just over excitement at getting out, sadly these dogs are in a kennel for over 22 hours a day.

Once out walking she does pull, so both these issues will need some addressing from a dog savy adopter.

However having unfairly painted a picture of a mad excitable dog, we also need to make it known that whilst Raven is on the chain outside the pound whilst cleaning is taking place or awaiting her turn for walks, she is more than happy to lie quietly on her side inviting some much appreciated belly rubs from anyone passing her by, a real softy.

We think Raven would suit an active family, preferably without any littlies just because of being knocked over by accident.

The adopter needs to have experience of larger breed dogs and have the time and patience to help Raven in her transit from pound dog to family pet.

As with all of our dogs Raven is already fully vaccinated, spayed microchipped and blood tested. Home checks will be carried out.

Please get in touch.

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