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Paralimni Dog Pound Koda


Breed: Akita German Shepherd

Colour: Mottled Brown and White

Age: 12 to 16 months old

Koda's temperament is one of fun and a zest for life, which is a vast contrast compared to when he first arrived at the pound. He's 38 kilos and very strong and will definitely need someone who has handled big dogs to adopt him.

Why is this?

The Warden found him in Paralimni and he had a very sore neck where a rope had cut into it. He's settled into life at the pound now and he's the most loving, funny, bouncy, engaging boy with the people he knows and trusts, but that trust takes a little bit of time to establish and Koda needs someone to will invest time in building that relationship with him.

He's is a very special pup who is looking for right person (or people!) to join him on the next part of his journey into a home environment. He needs someone who will really enjoy getting to know this beautiful boy inside and out, who will be consistent and follow the techniques that make Koda feel confident and happy, who's patient to learn how to communicate effectively and teach him new skills and who will support him to progress at a pace that he is comfortable with.

What sort of home is he looking for?

He's looking for a someone or a family who is experienced with large dogs, to be patient ,and he will most definitely go from strength to strength.

He’s absolutely dying to play, run free, play in water and be hugged. The rewards will no doubt be immeasurable. Koda has so much companionship to offer, and so much potential to flourish in a home….. could you be the one(s) to help him achieve this? If so, please message us on Facebook.

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