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Your support, no matter how small, is vital in helping us save animals from further suffering.
Your donations make all the difference to the dogs in our care.

We receive no government funding and rely solely on your generosity  to help us to continue caring for these animals.

​Donations of food, collars, Frontline, worm tablets, kennels, leads,toys,

blankets etc are also more than welcome to keep the dogs in the Pound  safe, warm and well fed.

  • €1.30 buys a large tin of dog meat

  • €10 helps towards flea, tick and worm treatment for one dog

  • €10 helps towards vaccinations for one dog

  • €15 buys a bag of food

  • €25 buys a tub of Virkon powder to keep parvo virus at bay

  • €90 covers the cost of a Private kennel for 1 month

​Donations also help us to pay for:

  • veterinary bills for those dogs needing necessary medical treatment

  • specialist food for the dogs that are sick and need a special diet

Please help us to improve the lives of the abandoned and stray pets in need.


Bank Transfer

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Bank:  Bank of Cyprus 

Account name is Kareen Fryer

Account Number: 044409098891

IBAN: CY02002004440000000909889100


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If you would like to make a Paypal donation please click the  button below.

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Paypal Subscriptions

If you would like to donate on a monthly basis please click on your chosen amount or enter an amount of your choosing.

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