Fund Raiser for Amputee Nina


Nina, a stray dog was badly injured in a car accident and had to have her front leg amputated. She has no micro chip, so no owner has been found, the local council decided that she was to be taken to the overcrowded pound and spend her days in a small training crate despite being told that a foster home was all ready to look after her. We don't have the luxury of a seperate isolation area in the pound to keep her clean and safe from the risk of infection. She has already suffered a major operation, needs to learn how to walk again and was petrified in the vets, the pound would have totally broken this small girls spirit.

Against the council instructions she was removed from the pound within a couple of hours of arriving and taken to a safe and secure foster home, their main concern was payment of the vet bill which comes to €475 - no regard for the dogs welfare in the slightest, so to save the threat hanging over Nina, we would like to raise funds to cover the vet bill and release her so she can be re-homed. We thankfully have a UK Rescue place already set up to help her from the group Hope2hounds when she is fit and able to travel.

If you could spare just a little to help us get Nina free and into her forever home, it would be so much appreciated. If we are lucky enough to go over the fundraiser, the remaining money would be used on her passport preparation. Thank you for your time in reading our plea. Paralimni Dog Pound, Cyprus.

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