Happy Ever After!
Our Success Stories

Whenever a dog has found their furever home it fills us with so much happiness and joy that our hearts are literally bursting! 

To know that our furry friend has made the journey from being abandoned and left on the streets to becoming someone's much loved and cared for pet in a warm and safe home gives us the inspiration to keep doing what we do.

Here are some stories below that we would like to share with you - and by of warning - have your hankies ready!


When Tasmin arrived at the Pound she wouldn't leave the wooden box that had become her sanctuary.  Even more worringly though, she stopped eating.  However, when she found a friend this enabled her to gradually come out of herself.   She is now a happy dog living with a loving family in the UK.



Poor Boris was in a very poor condition when he arrived in the Pound.  Luckily, he found a new family and is now living a happy life in the UK.


Poor Cassidy was found tied to the pound gates.  He had 2 broken legs and needed weeks of cage rest at the Vets to recover.  We then had to house him in private kennels as he needed to have his own space to fully recover.  Fortunately he found his forever home in the UK.

cassidy after11a.jpg


We found Amber behind the Pound with a broken leg and she was almost starved to death.  Luckily a family adopted her and she is now living happy and healthy in the UK. A very lucky little girl!

amber before11a.jpg
amber after11a.jpg


Corrie was found in the road and brought to the Pound.  She was exhausted and virtually unable to walk any further.  We treated her for Leishmania and she is now a very happy and healthy dog living in Wales.

corrie before22a.jpg
corrie after11a.jpg

POLLY adopted by Zena & Chris

Polly came into the pound with a broken leg. We took her to the vet who thought he could fix it but after several months of treatment/surgery unfortunately her leg had to be removed. We helped to foster her during this time. By this time we had fallen in love with Polly as she is such a brave little dog, so we adopted her. She is now a happy little dog who gets around great on her 3 legs. Giving her a home is one of the best things we have ever done.

Zsa Zsa (Nancie) - Adopted on 4/9/17 by Zena & Chris

We changed her name to Nancie. We were asked to take a very sick dog who had been left at the pound to the vet. She was in a very bad way. After the examination the vet said she had an infection in her mouth all her teeth were rotten the infection went into her gums and down into her jaw bone. She also had several lumps in her tummy which were maybe cancerous. All her teeth had to be taken out. It was incredible within a few days she was eating well. We took her to Wagtails and Sandra very kindly gave her a free cut and shampoo, she smelt pretty bad. We offered to foster her as she would have died in the Pound. Within a day we had fallen in love with her so we adopted her. She was the sweetest dog we had ever known. Our Nancie only survived 6 months but she gave us so much love every minute it was wonderful. We still miss her now and think of her every day. We like to think her last 6 months were the best and are sure she was happy. Love and miss you sweetheart wish you had been with us longer, you will never be forgotten. Xx  

Saffi - Adopted by Steve & Kathy, January 2018

Saffi was picked up by the dog warden and was confused and scared when she found herself in the pound. She looked so sad and we decided to bring her back to the UK with our other 3 rescue dogs. Saffi settled in straight away and is now a much loved member of our crazy house.


Tom- Adopted by Steve & Kathy, 13/6/2016

Tom was found running around in Ayia Thekla and was brought to the pound. He had a lot of scratches and cuts and was having a tough time in the pound but was always happy to see the volunteers and he loved to get out for a walk ( he still does ! ) We grew very fond of the crazy boy and had no hesitation in bringing him back to the UK. I have to say he is a mummy’s boy though lol


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