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How to get involved


Exercise is a must for our dogs who spend so many hours in their cages. Please come along and help walk our dogs.

Walking takes place between 07:30 - 10:30 every single day - including Christmas Day!

Although we do our best,  unfortunately it’s common for our pound dogs to go pee and  poo in their  kennels  and  apart from their morning walk, these scared, sad dogs spend the rest of their day without human companionship. 

Dog walking is a social event, not just for you, but for our dogs by giving them opportunities for human interaction, receive praise and learn what it's like to have kind humans around them which most of them have never experienced.

Children are also welcome with a supervised adult

Dog Care

If you cant walk a dog but would still like to help, there is feeding, checking the dogs for ticks, cleaning ears, bathing and grooming,

We also need assistance with  washing dishes, cleaning the kennels and doing laundry.

Get in Touch

General Maintenance

We can always use a 'Handy-Andy' from time to time to help with general maintenance of the Pound including repairs of cages and general maintenance work etc.


Playing with the dogs is essential to build trust, especially where the puppies are concerned. Sometimes just sitting with a stressed dog helps calm it down.


Donating money or any items that the dogs need helps us to save lives.  See more on our DONATE page for more ways that you can help.

Volunteer: Get Involved
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