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UK Adoption Puppy or Young Dog  €170

Puppy or young dog too young to be neutered/spayed before flight date.

The above fees cover the costs for

  • 2 vaccination (3 for puppies),

  • 2 blood tests for Anaplasmosis,

  • Lyme Disease,

  • Heartworm,

  • Ehrlichia, 

  • Leishmania,

  • Microchip,

  • Rabies,

  • Pet Passport and all the necessary paperwork for entry into the UK.

There is EU requirement (TRACES) which registers all transportation of live animals between Member States.  We will complete this form on your behalf and talk you through this very simple procedure.

Flight costs for dogs being re-homed are not included.  The costs vary dependent upon which Airport you choose to collect your pet from.

Airports with ARC (Animal Reception Centres) are: Manchester, Doncaster, London Gatwick, Bristol and Glasgow.  Some of these Airports are seasonal ie Doncaster.

You pay the costs we incur only, no profit is made on any adoptions or flights.

Puppy UK Adoption: News
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